Leaf Mold


Our leaf mold is made from 99.9% of teak.

In order to maintain the quality, we recruit the best selected workers which highly trained and passionate in its field.

Production Process
Raw Material Taken from the Plantation

Our trucks are ready to pick up and deliver the fallen teak leaf right from the plantation in daily basis thru the year. 

Cutting and Petiole Separation Process

In this phase, we cut all the raw material from original size leaf to 3-5 cm. In the same time, we also separate most of the unwanted petiole.

Watering the Pile

Natural water without any additional chemical content is used to watering the pile. In order to get the water evenly mixed, we are using a loader to do the turning.

Fermentation for 8 Weeks or More

During the first 3-6 days of fermentation, the pile reach up to 70 degree Celcius. This is where the unuseful pathogen are killed. To keep the condition inside the pile controlled, we covered the pile with big terpauline. Each row come with size (W)3 x (L)12 x (H)4 meters.

Final QC; Petiole and Other Unwanted Objects Removed

After the pile pass 8 weeks of fermentation, it is ready to be harvested. 


To make sure our product in its best quality, we do the final checking before pressed and packed. In this process, we remove most of the petiole and rubbish such as plastic, rock, wood, etc.

Pressing and Packing

Our pressing machines are using 1 : 2.5 compression ratio. The original volume before press is 220 liters.

Covered with black PE bag, the final bale size is approximately (W)44 x (L)33 x (H)55 cm with expected volume after the break out is 200 liters.

Product Stocking

We will always be ready to meet your orders! We are targeting to ship another 8 containers per month for all our new potential buyers.

Container Stuffing

Once it's packed, the commodity is ready to load. We are using 40ft High Cube Container for every shipment. Each equipment may fit for 900 bales with maximum weight 26,100 Kg.



Name: Teak Leaf Mold

HS Code: 1404.90.90.00

Ingredients: 99.9% teak with no chemical mixture

Origin: Indonesia

Size of Cut Leaf: 3-5 cm

Suitable for: Gardening and farming products such as vegetables, fruits and flowers.



Size: 44 x 33 x 55 cm

Cover: Black PE bag

Weight: 29 kg/bale

Volume: 200 lt/bale



Original or telex released B/L

Packing List


Certificate of Origin (by request)

Phytosanitary Certificate (by request)


Equipment: 40' high cube container

Min. Order: 900 bags, 26,100 kg

ETD: 2-4 weeks after PO