Bat Guano


High Quality Nitrogen Bat Guano with NPK 8-5-2

It's one of kind in the world! Our bat guano comes with a very high Nitrogen content. One of the highest you may get from organic fertiliser.

Insect Eating Bats

The bat live in the rain forest naturally and it's far from the city crowded, the habitat will always increase by time without the need of protection. 

Screening and Drying

In this process, we eliminate all unnecessary material such as small rocks and sands.

As we are located in tropical area, we could produce a clean and excellent quality of bat guano without using any heating machine, instead it’s all sun dried naturally.

Customizable Packing

Packing bag can be modified to meet your special needs! From just adding a tag to making a different packing bag of size, you name it!



Name: High Nitrogen Bat Guano

HS Code: 3101.00.99.00

Ingredients: 99.9% bat guano

Origin: Indonesia



Weight: 20 kg/bag

Cover: Plain white woven bag with inner liner



Original or telex released B/L

Packing List


Certificate of Origin

Phytosanitary Certificate


Equipment: 20' or 40' container

Min. Order: 500 bags, 10 tons

ETD: 2-4 weeks after PO